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I tried messing with my website's code to improve page speed, but that resulted in a messy website and a lot of headache! Faster site speeds improve CTR and decreases bounce rate, not to mention making your site look good in Google's eyes and increase rankings. I know this personally because my website used to not rank at anything and the only thing different was site speed. Paying someone to speed up your website is costly, and if this plugin improves site speed, this is so worth it. Reventio
Hey Kevin, You've got great timing with this new plugin! I got a bunch of sites that need some serious house cleaning and your plugin looks like the perfect tool to do the job!

Going to play with this right away, and hoping to jump start some of my websites again!
Thanks Bigguy Bigguy
so many people buy so many different plugins from WF and the one thing they all do is slow down the site to some degree. I have tried coutnless plugins to speed up my sites and to be honest they all do speed the sites up a little bit... BUT its got to the stage now where I am having to delete plugins I have purchased just to get the sites to load faster..

This should be a real killer and allow me to get the site speed and the plugins I want on my sites..

I expect nothing less than brilliance if this is like any of your other products I have purchased and loved. Dapex
Well, well, well. What have we here? Something honestly that will definitely SPEED up your tired old weighed down WP sites!

Look, so many "marketers" and WP teachers give information on all these bright and shiny plugins you "need" to help with different aspects to your WordPress sites, but truth be told, with too many of them, it continues to make your sites slow to load and everything gets bogged down. Visitors to your site will get tired of waiting and blast away.

WP Optimum 2.0 is a definite improvement and one that will suck out all the waste that is unnecessary to your WP sites, and make them boost to light speed again!

Definitely something everyone in this "instant gratification" generation will love... Paul Klein
Wow, What a great plugin..Most needed.

Absolutely great..I am in for 100%

Anwar Anwar
Two thumbs way up for a great plugin. Speed and optimization is critical and I can certify that this plugin kicks ass. Very powerful and if you don't have this all-in-one tool you are leaving money on the table with lost potential rankings.

All the best

Sean Sean Donahoe
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