How To Stop WordPress Hackers From Robbing You BLIND...

"I lost close to $3,000 last month because my WordPress Sites were hacked!!!!!!!!!!

To make it worse i didnt even have a copy of my sites, my entire business was destroyed overnight.
In order to prevent this happening to you it is vital that you read to the end of this page."

“Back in April HACKERS GAINED ACCESS TO WordPress.com servers and exposed passwords/API keys for Twitter and Facebook accounts. Now hackers gained access to WordPress.org and the PLUGIN repository. Malicious code was found in several commits including popular plugins. This is a strong reminder that we need WordPress security on our BLOGS Safeguard your entire business by reading further.”

  • Are Your Affiliate Commissions Declining?
  • Do You Have a Loss Of Site Visitors?
  • Are Your Sites Running Slow?

These were three questions I asked myself when I noticed that my commissions were falling through the floor boards. My sites had been hacked and I didn’t even know it.

If You Answered YES To Any Of The Above Questions Then You Need To Read On...

Do you know that WordPress blogs are PRONE to been hacked, and that SEVERAL THOUSAND WordPress blogs are been hacked EVERY DAY?

My entire blogging network was hacked last April and believe me it was not a nice feeling or experience. My business was wiped out overnight, would you like your business to grind to a halt overnight? I thought not!!

If you have not taken the necessary precautions to secure your business then you can guarantee yourself that you are going to lose your entire online business over night.

Introducing You To
WordPress Shield...

WordPress Shield Is A Powerful Step By Step Program That
Will Enable All WordPress Site Owners To:

  • Hide Files

    Hide vulnerable WP-Config and .htaccess files from hackers to prevent passwords being stolen

  • Change Login URL

    Change login URLs to make it near impossible for hackers
    to find them

  • Passwords

    Create passwords so crypted that even the best algorithms
    would find it impossible to break

  • Block IP Address

    Block unauthorized IP addresses from accessing their server

  • Block Hackers From Changing Affiliate Links

    Waste the hackers time by preventing them replacing your
    affiliate links with their own

You Are Going To Lose Your Entire Business That You Have Spent Years Building Up If You Do Not Act Now...

Did you know that you can prevent DOOMS DAY by implementing a few simple strategies!

The sad news is that many people do not bother to prevent the inevitable because they are so busy trying to find ways to make money online. The reality is that once you start making money, it can and will be taken away from you unless you follow the simple steps I have outlined in this report. These simple steps are the most important steps of your online business.

You can probably recall back in college when you lost an entire college project because you did not back it up!


And that you only started backing up after you went through the pain and loss!


Well creating an online business is the same thing! Do not let it happen to you.


The Solution
If you have been hacked... then you need this report, this report can reverse the damage done by implementing a few simple steps. If you have been hacked then you need to act immediately, as there is a simple step that will save your bacon but only if you act now!

If you have not been hacked YET and I stress the “YET”, then you need to act immediately and follow the steps that I have outlined in this report to bomb proof your entire business.


Securing your business is the most important decision you will make. Just like a bank, if a bank does not secure itself it will be robbed.

I have created this report because I have been in this situation only recently and LOST EVERYTHING. As a result I have documented my experience and the steps you should take to BOMB PROOF your entire business.

Section 1
Of the report outlines the steps you should take to reverse the damage caused by a hacker.

Section 2
Of the report outlines the steps you should take prevent any harm caused to your business in the future. This guide is a must have for anyone serious about INTERNET MARKETING.

Did you know that back in April 2011 hackers gained access to the WordPress.com servers and exposed passwords / API keys for Twitter and Facebook accounts. Now hackers gained access to WordPress.org and the plug-in repository. Malicious code was found in several commits including popular plug-ins of which i have outlined in my report.


Features & Benefits

  • WordPress Shield outlines the simple steps involved to BOMB PROOF your entire online business so that you are not faced with losing a single cent or even your entire blogging business including domains and content OVER NIGHT, do the smart thing and protect yourself before you get hacked.
  • WordPress Shield outlines the steps to take to stop unwanted visitors from replacing YOUR affiliate links with their own ones so that you can be safe in knowing that you will never have that problem while blogging online.
  • WordPress Shield lists the Top three, FREE security plug-ins so that you can LOCK DOWN your site and keep it free from harmful viruses and unwanted hackers who will rob you blind.
  • WordPress Shield outlines the steps involved to reverse the damage done to hacked blogs so that you can regain control over your “compromised affiliate links”, Improve your site rankings by gaining Google’s trust that was lost, Improve your site load time by removing unwanted Iframes and compromising code. Regain the traffic to your site that was lost due to been blocked by antivirus software.
  • WordPress Shield will quickly outline how vulnerable people, and their online businesses are so that you can be given a wakeup call into seeing how easily and quickly hackers can gain access to your blogs and divert your hard earned cash into their pockets.


Thank you for your Review Copy. Considering a vast number of my 100 websites run on the WordPress platform, your title really piqued my interest.

I just read through the full step by step blueprint and I commend you on a job well done.

'Wordpress Shield' was clearly written from your own misfortune of having your blogs hacked, and I have to say that if anyone follows the steps you have outlined then their WordPress blogs will be a hell of a lot more secure.

From tweaking .htaccess files, to using a number of FREE plugins you really have come up with a way to get one up on all those hackers.

Anyone who has a WordPress site, needs to grab a copy of 'Wordpress Shield'. I highly recommend it.

Great Job Kevin,
Having over 100 WP sites, and not one backed up, has been worrying me for some time, and the thought of trying to back them all up, all seemed to time consuming, and you think to your self this wont happen to me anyway. well after reading this report, i no it can and most likely will happen to me. and to be shown in this report just how easy it is to go about keeping hackers out, and if they do get in, how you can restore your sites with a click of a button.
Thanks for bringing our this report and getting me to take action and saving my business, i will be implementing this strait away.
All the best


PS if your serious about your business and you don't no this stuff, pick this up now and put it to use. Kevin Green
This is one of those things I know I've needed to do for a long time. I've heard way too many horror stories. The book is well written, but not too technical. Thanks for putting it all together...and for saving me the grief and embarrassment of getting hacked. Lonestar
thank you ! Just buy it and after 2 min I've learn many security tips to apply on my blog.

You've made my day !

🙂 Vivyrelax
Thanks Kevin,

Just this past week I had to clean up my blog posts and was very P*& Off about it.

Someone had gone in and put several live links about male inhancement drugs throughout my internet marketing posts. It made my Blog, and me, look ridiculous.

You couldn't have come out with this at a more opportune time for me.


Marshall Marshall
Gary Gregory recommended this and that is good enough for me, so I just bought it and downloaded and will start reading this evening. I was hacked about a year ago and it was a nightmare, to put it mildly. Rebuilding sites, removing suspect files, not fun. Some of my sites never did get rebuilt. Buy this, read it, and take action, the bad guys are definitely out there. Ally W
Kevin this guide is so well timed that it's amazing. There were 3 threads in the General area of the forum this week that could just break your heart as they were each site owners who were dealing with the aftermath of having their properties hacked and manipulated against their will.

Can't imagine the pain that must cause for those who suffer through it, just a total violation, and the lost hours and money can never be recovered.

Very thankful for your fine fine work here, as your WordPress Shield exposed a few things that were lacking even in our own network of 100 sites, despite us using very high levels of paid-security since the beginning!

That's a great testimonial to the quality of your methods, and I'm happy to recommend your timely guide to my Fast Attack Family with a full endorsement.

Excellent work, and very sorry to hear how you suffered personally from an attack...but also very glad you took action and are now stronger than ever.


Craig Mako
Fast Attack Solutions Craig Mako
I have had a chance to go through Kevin’s report on how to stop WordPress hackers trying to steal from you.

To begin with I have a bunch or WordPress sites and they have not been protected in the past as it was not a big concern of mine ... Until Today.

After reading the report I realized that I was remiss in not protecting my WordPress sites and income.

He lays everything out and explains it in a step-by-step manner with screen-shots.

Most all of us carry insurance on our homes, cars and even our lives ….......................
This is a very low cost way of insuring that your website will be running smoothly.

In my opinion, this report is very reasonably priced ... by following the simple steps and protecting your WordPress sites …. This Will help you to sleep better at night.

All the best … Ron Ron

How Much Would You Pay For This Invaluable Report?

The question is how much is your online business worth to you? Preventing yourself from been hacked should be the third most important step you take when building your online empire after buying the domain name and creating the content.

This report is in effect priceless to you and will be available on my site for $27 but I will be releasing it here at a discounted price of $17.00

We all know how hard it is to make money online and once we start making it, why don’t we prevent ourselves from losing it.



100% Money Back Guarantee

I personally guarantee if you make a diligent effort to use just a few of the techniques in this course, you will keep your blogs safe and secure from hack attacks on the internet today. If you are not happy with the report I will refund you the cost of the course before 30 days.


*** Why Buying WordPress Shield Is The Most Important Decision I Will Make All Year?

By not taking advantage of this offer you are already going to face a losing battle with your online business. How would you feel that in a year’s time when you have 100 blogs created and all of a sudden you get hacked! That’s your entire revenue model wiped out overnight. Who is going to pay the bills?

If you are one of the lucky ones and divided your sites up between servers then you will not lose as much but you still have to secure 100 blogs and believe me that take’s a hell of a lot of time.

The best thing you can do is secure your blogs from day one so it’s done and dusted.

P.S – Again, securing your blogs is one of the most important things to do when building your business. Yes we want to make money, so don’t go about losing it after working hard for it. I’ve learnt my lesson.

P.P.S – Thousands of people EVERY DAY are been hacked on WordPress with their entire business taken down over night. Don’t be a statistic! Do the smart thing and secure your empire.