Product Launch Toenail Fungus Biz In Box



  • 10AM EST

JV Partners

Kev here with a totally re engineered PLR business in a box.

Not only am I doing Affiliate niche packages BUT i am now including a complete business in a box.


Your customers if they decide to do so can simply build out affiliate niche sites AND setup setup PLR niche funnels with the content provided.


Simple, your customers will be able to drive traffic from the eBook PLR Biz in a Box directly to the affiliate niche sites they also got with the package. It is two business options in one. Its a win win...

Your customers will be able to choose from THREE options on the front end.

  1. A standard affiliate niche package
  2. A fully loaded niche package (Extra content)
  3. Platinum package which includes all the above AND the business in a box.

Toenail Fungus Funnel

Toenail Fungus Funnel

Some Details On The Funnel

As you can see the front end is broken up into 3 products.

Front End 1 & 2

These Toenail Fungus products are fully loaded affiliate niche site packets to enable the customer build out affiliate websites.

Front End 3
This is an Toenail Fungus BUSINESS In A Box which will enable the customer to sell their very own ebook, with supplementary material consisting of a Mini Site, Swipe Files, Download Pages, Content, Legal Pages, Graphics and so on.

Whats In It For Your List

  • Your clients will be able to build quality niche sites without doing and keyword or product research.
  • They will have access to quality articles and and graphics that would normally cost them hundreds to create.
  • They will be able to setup NICHE sites that are guaranteed to succeed, cutting out the guess work.

Do I Promote

You Bet I Do

Previous Launch Statistics Include

  • [ABR] Amazon Blog Riches -Generating almost 2,500 sales amounting to almost $40,000 of which more than $25,000 was paid to affiliates
  • [OPD] OnPage Domination - BEST launch to date, getting almost 2,500 sales amounting to almost $40,000 of which more than $27,000 was paid to affiliates!
  • WP Shield – Another great launch hitting over 2,000 sales across the funnel.
  • WP Optimum – Yet again a successful launch with over 2,000 sales across the funnel.
  • WP Affiliate Ultimate - $10,000 LAUNCH, promoted by a few affiliates, generating over 800 sales front end and nearly 200 sales back end.
  • Fast Attack Interlink - JV with Craig Mako involving one of my plugins. Product sold 1,500 units in 24 hours. Ranked at number 4 for fastest amount of sales generated in 24 hours.
  • Backlinks From Hell – Promoted by a few affiliates, Generating close to 700 Sales. $6,000+ in total revenue generated. Two Affiliates made between them $2,500.
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  • If looking for proof i will gladly send screen shots.

Kevin Byrne

P.S I do pay attention to those who support as i am at the top of the leaderboards for most people.